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In the last few years, dome cameras have become synonymous for security cameras. If it is a security camera, it has to be a dome. While there are other equally effective camera models, none have gained as much popularity as the dome camera.

The dome design is what makes it a big hit! It is impossible for the criminal to know which way the camera is pointing. And if positioned correctly, some dome cameras can give you a 360 degree covering area.

And now, you can get a dummy security dome camera that will serve the purpose for half the price!

Ideal for anyone looking to deter away petty thieves and burglars, the dummy security dome looks exactly like a real one. With features like smoked housing, backlight shield and a camera assembly within, dummy security domes are extremely effective in preventing crime.

A lot of people even mix these cameras with a few real ones to create the appearance of a fool proof ‘impossible to crack’ security network.

Dummy security domes are economical, easy to install and extremely effective!

Traditional Candles (Single Tier) with Pewter Base
Wireless Driveway Alarm
by Security2020

The LHR4450 wireless driveway alarm system is an electromagnetic sensor alert system that helps you keep track of the comings and goings on your property. When a vehicle passes the sensor, the receiver emits an audible tone and lets you know someone’s there.  

Now you can be instantly alerted the moment someone enters your driveway at any time of the day. And the electromagnetic sensor only detects large metallic objects. So, no more false alarms due to moving children or animals. The LHR4450 system is easy to install and use.

Traditional Candles (Three Tier)
by Thomas and Betts

LED light source flameless candle with flickering or full on color light and colored base.  Eliminates th eneed for bulb replacement and will last the entire holiday season using 3 “D” alkaline batteries.

features warm orange glow that can be set to full on or flickering mode

Traditional Candles (Single Tier) with Pewter Base
by Thomas and Betts

 LED light source – eliminates need for bulb replacement. Lasts the entire holiday season using 2 “C” alkaline batteries. Pewter color base.

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Voice Alert System 6 Driveway Alarm and Entrance Alert Di2000S-A Driveway Informer
Voice Alert System 6
by Voice Alert

The Voice Alert system 6 is an advanced multi purpose motion detector security device that can notify you in more ways than one about a probable intruder.

Driveway Informer
by Driveway Informer

The Driveway Informer® from Security2020® is the most advanced and reliable driveway alarm system in the market. A monitoring range of up to 1000 feet, it can track up to 4 separate zones and send out different alerts for each one of these. You also have the option to use an additional speaker at a second location to hear the alert.

This is the new "A" system, not compatible with older models. Please call us for availability on models to match your system.

Votive Color Changing LED Candle
by Thomas and Betts


Our FPC1120 decorative candles are built in with color changing LED lights that cast a warm glow, but is cool to the touch.



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FPC1432 Rechargeable Votive Candles
xxTwo Pack Rechargeable Votive Candles
by Thomas and Betts

The FPC1432 is a pack of two decorative votive rechargable candles with LED lights. This is one candle that will never run out of its flame.

Classic 9" Taper Candles
by Thomas and Betts

Decorative candles come in all sizes and shapes. But nothing can beat the classic 9 inch taper candles. Our FPC1451  is an LED based decorative candle with a flexible base that can suit most candleholders. It is designed for hassle  free performance and can be fine tuned to suit your requirements.

The lights are available in different colored bases to blend with most interior decor themes.

LED Flicker Votive Candle
by Thomas and Betts

The LED Flicker Votive Candle is the best way to deck up your home this christmas.

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FPC1250 Plug-In Night Light Candle FPC1031 Halloween Candles Single Triple Tier FPC1410 Led Flicker Votive Candle
Plug-In Night Light Candle
by Xodus Innovations

The perfect night light for the holiday season?  Well, that would be this one!  With an LED bulb that last a life time that never gets hot to the touch, this LED night light is a winner that we all should have for this up coming holiday season.

Halloween Candles (Single Tier)
by Thomas and Betts

This halloween, go authentic and get the FPC1033 LED light candle that comes with a complete kit including spiders and a webbing kit.

Single LED Flicker Votive Candle
by Thomas and Betts

Have you ever seen a candle that has a flame that is cool to the touch? Here is one. The FPC1410 with an LED light is a great way to add to your decor this Christmas season.




Christmas Tree Clip-On Candle, 3-Pack
by Thomas and Betts

At times, I have wondered how a glowing candle would look on my christmas tree. I found the answer when I bought the FCP1240 Christmas Tree Clip-On Candle. This extremely light weight decorative candle with a frame can be clipped on anywhere on your christmas tree. It is loaded with features that let you control the flame consistency and quality.

Formal 12" Taper Candles
by Thomas and Betts

If you liked the 9 inch classic taper candles then you will love the 12 inch FPC1461. Features like a built in timer and a realistic looking flame make the 12 inch taper candles a must buy. The candle is available in white, green and red colors.

5 Light LED Candle Arch
by Thomas and Betts

The FPC1265G 5 light candle arch is  the most realistic looking replica candle arch with a flickering flame or full burning settings. You can control the glow of your candle.

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